February 29, 2016

2016 Oscar Fashion
Ladies, Here's the Gents

I'm not digging the white.
And his pants look too short.


Yay! He didn't wear sneakers.

Love his voice


Leo never branches out with his tuxes.
And that's ok.

This is why you shouldn't branch out with your tux.

Not bad

Very dashing

He's no Batman, but I wouldn't kick him out of bed.
Just saying.

all images via People


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

OK, what is the DEAL with men's pant legs being so short??? They all seem to appear like their suits shrunk?

I do like a nice white suit but I agree that it's not working for Common.

Jason could wear sneaks and I'd still be all about it - but he does look VERY dapper with his dress shoes. I just adore him.

Your Weekend comment made me LOL.

Benicio looks confused. Dashing, but confused.

I don't usually swoon over Leo but lately, I have really, really been falling for him. He looks great. I'm glad he left the fake teeth from his latest movie at home (that was hard to watch him suffer, and talk and live with his nasty teeth in The Revenant.

Your Jared comment made me LOL too. His shoes look like they have whipped cream on them???

Michael Keaton looks great...

Michael Fassbender, nice.

Henry looks so, so nice in this. I like his hair a bit longer (like he wears it in the first Superman, I saw he cut it shorter for some Batman vs. Superman promos where he was interviewing kids and thought... PLEASE grow your hair back!

Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

This is why fashion posts are so fun...we agree, then we disagree, because we are all unique, so we are going to like different things. I think Jared Leto looks perfect for Jared Leto. I don't want Jared Leto in something boring or classic. I want him in something fresh and unique, so I loved this look on him.

Allena said...

Common's pants! It looks like my pants do when I attempt to hem them. Makes me so sad.

simone a said...

Leo wears a tux really well, he looks good with an Oscar too, good for him!

LOL at your Jared Leto comment.

Surprisingly, Henry Cavill does not wear a tux very well, he's too bulky.

Karen Peterson said...

I feel like I'm missing something because I really don't like Michael Fassbender.

Jacob Tremblay is so freaking adorable it hurts. But, really, you couldn't include a picture of him with his smoking hot parents? :-)

Christina said...

LOL! Jared Leto is the prime example of why people shouldn't branch out. He looks stupid. I think I like Fassbender the best out of these guys.