February 29, 2016

2016 Oscar Fashion
Room for Improvement

Let's get this party started. Last night's Academy Awards were the best I've seen in a long time. Chris Rock absolutely killed it as host. I laughed the entire time. Jennifer Lawrence didn't fall down. I got to see a gorgeous Tom Hardy in the audience a few times. Leo finally won an Oscar. And to top it off, I was extremely pleased with the fashion. I only have a few favorites, but there were a lot of dresses I really really liked. Good job, Hollywood. Here we go...

She had been doing so well...
I love this color against her olive skin.
I don't like the dress at all though.

A lot of people love this.
I don't.
It's kind of odd.

Bad color for a pale redhead

If Helen Mirren can kill it at this age, why can't she?

This is so bad.
And why the choker?

Wrong color
Hate the silhouette

She's beautiful.
I don't love the dress though.
It's very nineties, no?

Heidi is so gorgeous.
She hosts a fashion show.
Why the heck does she wear the weirdest gowns?

Her makeup was on point.
I do not like leather for the Oscars.

Sometimes she gets it right.
Sometimes she doesn't.
The dress isn't horrible, but I'm not a fan.

Now this, this is horrible.

It's a great dress for her.
I would have gone with a bracelet instead of a necklace though.

What the heck is this?
It's the Oscars, Amy.

Considering how she normally dresses, this isn't too terribly bad.
For her...

all images via People + Us Weekly


Allena said...

Did we just agree on all of these? Shocker! I feel like Tina's hair was too formal - this year there was softer hair, so that plus changing out the necklace and she could have been a best dressed contender. Emily Blunt - I swear this was at my prom many times over, ha! Olivia Wilde looked terrible. If you saw 45 Years, you'd think Charlotte's dress was just right - bad movie + bad dress! Ha!

Jess -Little Bits of Joy Blog said...

I always wait impatiently for your recaps!!!! I know there are more to come with the Oscars and i can't wait!!! I was a bit underwhelmed by everyone..no one really dazzled me. I was surprised at how much Side Boob (capitalized, it's a "thing"- ha) made an appearance.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I didn't watch but have heard most of the highlights... HURRAY for your reviews on the fashion and fare!!!

Oh Daisy... Why? I don't love any of it... at all. She's SO lovely and this makes me sad.

Sophie... why? I agree this color is too pale for her - gosh she's just so beautiful too!

What is with the double pockets on Charlotte's dress?

I don't get Olivia's dress, or hair... is she a bohemian Milkmaid? Have you seen her new show Vinyl? I LOVE IT, but this, I do not love, not one bit. She looks better WITH Jason on her arm though.

Jennifer Jason looks super creepy to me... I keep waiting for her to ask me "Why so serious??"

Emily Blunt - you are so right... so 90's and very "Bridesmaid" 2000's!

I don't GET Heidi's dress... at all... The color is pretty... but its just strange - she looks great from the neck up.

Kerry, nope.

Naomi's dress is cool... sort of Mermaid like, but it doesn't suit her, to me.

Patricia - 90's Homecoming.

Tina - I agree about the necklace but I am digging this color on her!!! Very nice fit too!

Amy - it doesn't work for the Oscars at all, BUT I do like it on her... maybe just for a different show?

Whoopi [must not make joke about Ursala - the accessories made me think it]. Tell Naomi to take her Little Mermaid Ass far from Whoopi, it isn't safe!

Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

I agree with pretty much all you said except I LOVE Naomi's dress and styling.

simone a said...

Was wondering what you'd think ol Alicia Vikander's dress! I love her & think she's stunning but this dress was a bit disappointing, especially when I eventually saw the bottom of it...I think it wasn't Red Carpet enough.
Emily Blunt - terrible colour, she doesn't look good in this at all.
Whoopi - seriously?!
Olivia Wilde & Heidi Klum - worst dresses of the night for me....how does Heidi keep getting it so wrong?!

Karen Peterson said...

Daisy looks so harsh. She's a beautiful, young woman and needs to dress and style accordingly.

I actually kind of liked Alicia's dress, but I wish the yellow had been a little deeper.

Jennifer Jason Leigh surprised me because she actually looked normal.

Why is Sophie Turner even AT the Oscars?

Olivia, Heidi and Kerry are just embarrassing themselves.

I thought Tina looked gorgeous.

Christina said...

I thought Chris Rock was pretty great too! It was a good show. Did anyone ever tell us why JLaw wasn't on the red carpet?

I'd love Alicia's dress more if it had a different bottom. Daisy's dress is definitely odd. Heidi looked terrible!