March 04, 2016

2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Fashion
My Favorites

I think this is the perfect Oscar party dress. Even though it's short, it's still appropriate.
She pulls off all-white very well. I just wish her makeup popped a little more.

It's a beautiful dress. I love the color and fabric.
The diamonds are a nice touch too.

The dress is somewhat casual, but I like it on Aubrey.
The colors are working very nicely for her.

She looks like a pretty princess.
I'm not sure if I like the belt though.
Yay or nay?

I wish she'd worn this dress on the red carpet.
Stunning. ♥

I don't know that I'd love this as much on someone else.
This is the kind of dress a tall leggy girl should wear.
Still not digging her hair though...

I think this looks fab on her.
I'm not sold on the hair though.

I would totally wear this dress.

all images via InStyle


Jess -Little Bits of Joy Blog said...

oh I so agree on Rachel McAdams... I wish that had been her red carpet dress. I was not a fan of her green dress and this one is STUNNING!

Karen Peterson said...

I love Hailee's dress!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Maria's dress is really, really cool. I agree about her make-up too!

This look is more Sofia to me. Very glam!

I will not be showing this image of Aubrey to my husband... he loves her. She looks amazing! Sort of like she just stepped out of a time capsule... in a great way.

Nina - nay on the belt.

Rachel - agree! I love this color on her, and it looks like it's comfortable for her to move in, but still SO glam. I like the pink lipstick too. ANd I hate pink. I want her shoulders and arms!!!

HOLY TAYLOR... I know she's all grown up but WOW... this dress is awesome on her (I can see the tap on her stomach I hope someone fixed that for her!!! She looks great!

Alessandra, God she's beautiful - not sure about the hair either but that choker is amazing!

Allena said...

I wish Sofia and Rachel had worn these dresses on the red carpet - much prettier and better looks! Hate Alessandra's dress and especially the choker. Love Hailee. LOVE.

Lauren @ Lot Forty Eight said...

If you ever stop doing these kinds of fashion posts I am going to cry

Kelly said...

I would wear Hailee's dress too and I loved Rachel!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Christina said...

I agree. Yes to Taylor's dress, no to her hair. Maria, Sofia, and Hailee killed it.

Mrs. Match said...

I am not digging Rachel McAdams hair at all, but love the dress. Nina's hair is also really bad, and a big ol' nay on the belt.