October 18, 2016

Moving down the road


I have been feeling misplaced for quite some time. I kept wanting to come here and write. The urge was there. I just couldn't figure out what was off. Then it finally hit me... I have outgrown this blog, this place. I have blogged here for almost eight years. I don't want to delete anything or shut it down. I could redirect things or call it something else, but I've decided to leave Handbags + Handguns as is.

So I have a new home on the interweb. I hope you'll follow along as I figure things out. There will be a little more of this and a little less of that. But most of what you know and love will remain the same.

I have made so many friends here. I am forever grateful for what this little blog has done for me. Thank you all so much. xx

Things Misty Loves... and hates

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