Top 7 24-25 Inch Depth Toilets to Buy in 2021

For those who have to deal with a small toilet, they all know the pain of finding a toilet that would fit perfectly. It is therefore important to get one that is either 24 or 25 inches for the right fit. It should no longer be a problem when several manufacturers are now making them. Today, we look at the best 24-25 inch toilets that you can buy right now. Let us check out the list below. 

Top 24-25 Inch Depth Toilets

WOODBRIDGE Short Compact One-Piece Toilet 

This toilet should easily fit in a small space thanks to having a size of 24-3/8 inches. The model might be small, but it also comes with a siphon flushing system. Such a system helps with proper flushing of the toilet to leave it remaining clean. 

The toilet comes with a dual flush option. This makes it possible to choose the type of flush depending on the waste. The half flush is good for only liquid waste, while the full flush is for solid waste. 

The toilet has a skirted trap that gives it a sleek look. Other than that, the feature also makes cleaning of the toilet easier. The height of the seat is within the right range to allow adults to easily use the toilet too. 


  • Comes with a dual flush system 
  • Has a powerful flushing system 
  • Fully glazed to reduce stains 


  • It is hard to get its replacement parts 

Galba Small Toilet 

The toilet is ideal for any other small toilet out there. For its size, it is able to fit properly without having to make any adjustments to the toilet space. The one-piece design on overall makes it so easy to use as compared to others that come with other designs. 

The glazed surface goes a long way to ensure that the surface does not attract stains and bacteria. The surface is also known to last for long without scratching, rusting, or fading. 


  • It has an adjustable dual flush system 
  • It is quite when flushing 
  • The toilet can even be used by the elderly 


  • The toilet seat becomes loose easily 

Swiss Madison Sublime II Compact Toilet 

This is another great option you can consider as a small toilet. This is the fact that it comes with a dual flush system. Such kind of system offers a powerful flush and still helps conserve water. You can use only 0.8GPF for the partial flush and then use 1.28GPF for the full flush. 

For its size at 24 inches, it can save a lot of water as compared to larger toilets that use up to 3-4 gallons per flush. 

The model also comes with an elongated bowl. This offers more room and better comfort to a user. This toilet is still ADA compliant, meaning even people with disabilities can have an easy access to the toilet. 


  • It saves a lot of water when flushing
  • It is ADA compliant 
  • The toilet has an elongated bowl 


  • A few compatibility issues when installing 

American Standard Colony Round Toilet 

This is one of the top toilets in the market. It is top rated because of its high efficiency. Since it comes with a PowerWash Rim, it means that the bowl gets scrubbed for every flush. You will not have to worry about manually cleaning the toilet for a long time. 

For those who do not want to buy a toilet with an elongated bowl, then opt for this round bowl model. It further saves up the space in the toilet. The manufacturer uses high quality materials to ensure the end user gets to enjoy working with a quality toilet. 


  • It is water efficient 
  • No need for frequent manual cleaning 
  • It looks good for the design and color 


  • The flushing could be more powerful 

Horrow Siphonic Toilet One-Piece 

For its size, the toilet comes with a comfortable height. It means even adults would use the toilet without feeling it is too small for them. Also, the size allows for you to set up in a very small space in the bathroom. 

The toilet might be small but it also has a dual flush system. This makes it good for saving water as you flush the waste. The seat that comes with the toilet offers soft closing. This keeps the toilet as quiet as possible. 


  • It saves a lot of water
  • It comes with soft closing seat cover 
  • The toilet requires less maintenance 


  • It tends to have a leaking problem 

American Standard Baby Devoro Toilet 

This toilet can be the best option for those trying to potty train their kids. For its size, it should be easy to set it up even in the smallest bathroom. The small height makes it great for kids, but adults might have a hard time using it at first then get used to it. 

The toiled is durable thanks to the impressive material used to make it. On overall, people find it having a powerful flush even when using a small amount of water at the same time. 


  • It saves a lot of water for every flush 
  • Fully glazed to eliminate stains 
  • Kids will love using it 


  • Not the best for those with joint problems 

Kohler San Souci Toilet – One-Piece 

Since this is a one-piece toilet, you should find it easy to set up as compared to some other models. The toilet does not need a lot of space thanks to its size. The soft close seat technology is great to prevent slamming of the toilet seat. 

This toilet is also good in terms of water flow consistency. It is worth noting that it also has a powerful flush. This is great to eliminate all the waste with just one flush. 


  • It is easy to install 
  • Impressive flush system 
  • Uses less water for flushing 


  • The supply line is not included 


The various toilets mentioned above are great for those who do not have enough room in their toilets to set up a large toilet. It should be possible now to end up with the best toilet by simply choosing one from the list above. 

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